This week, I have been mostly…

Failing with my 2015 plans in epic style. Cold & flu season will, unfortunately, have that effect, especially in a house with a nearly three-year-old on hand to distribute her germs. But, in the interests of accountability, here’s a quick rundown of what I have achieved in 2015 so far:


I actually have done some! Just short pieces, but in a glass half full moment I can see one of them developing into a decent piece of speculative fiction that I may even send to L Ron Hubbard once I finish it to a good enough standard.


In between sneezes I have been trying to wrangle an old NaNo draft into something vaguely readable; this is a thankless task from the very pit of Hades, let me tell you. I had hoped to finish the first edit at least by now, but the secret project known for now as Bootlesquith Manor has been delayed for at least another month.


Not as much as I had wanted, but part of my brain is dedicated to coming up with ideas for the Writers of the Future contest. Another part just picked up three recent editions of the anthology for research. It’s almost as if I’m taking it seriously now…

Website building.

Or at least, playing with ideas. Bootlesquith Manor is such an utterly different beast to Countless as the Stars that I really need to separate the two in my webspace, so I’m auditioning new front pages behind the scenes ready for completion and launch.

Coming soon…

Plans for February: Finish the first edit of Bootlesquith Manor. Draft a story for the Writers of the Future contest (with the aim of getting in before the 31 March deadline). Be planning another story, possibly for the June deadline. And if I really try hard, keep up with the blogging and social media stuff which sort of drifted off when man-flu and the day job conspired to make me not be bothered.
Anyone else having trouble with their 2015 aims already?

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