Countless as the Stars


Countless as the Stars

What if the events of the Bible happened not in the distant past, but some time in the future?

What if instant communication, computers and space travel were commonplace?

What if instead of shepherds in the Middle East, the Patriarchs were space travellers, colonists eking out an existence on a barren world many light years from home?

How would God’s story have been played out in such a world?

In Countless as the Stars, that story begins…

Tellus is a world blighted by war and pollution, barely able to support its dwindling population.

Litah is mankind’s last hope for survival, promising a better life among the stars.

Aidan Qqayle, a follower of the Creed, opposes Litah for putting technology in God’s place. But when Aidan receives his true calling, he is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs.


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