About me


It probably won’t have escaped your notice that I am not, in fact, a famous author; rather I am still in the process of collecting a sufficient variety of menial jobs to make this page a fun an interesting place to visit.
But, since you’re here anyway, let me bore you with some facts: I am a Christian, a writer, and a science fiction fan (in roughly that order). I live in the once and future capital of Mercia with two daughters, one wife, and a Mini that wants to be a Ghostbuster when it grows up. In between – and frequently at – my menial jobs to date, I have managed to write non-fiction pieces for Mini Magazine, Model Collector and Best of British magazines, as well as practicing the dark art of novel writing.
Having decided that making stuff up was a lot more fun than being bound by those ‘fact’ thingies I keep hearing about, I started to concentrate on that, and now have two completely fictitious universes to take care of.

My fiction writings generally fall into one of two very different lines:

  • speculative fiction with a spiritual twist; you can already sample this side of my writing in Countless as the Stars, an Old Testament Space Opera – or Biblical science fiction, if you prefer.
  • pixelpunk tales with a heavy dose of British humour; the first book in this line, The Ballad of Matthew Smith, will be released as a free ebook in October 2015. These stories are featured more heavily at stevetrower.co.uk.

You can get to know me more by clicking the social media links at the top of the page, or by signing up to my News Line, which will give you occasional updates on all my creative projects.

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