For those who haven’t followed me over from elsewhere in cyberspace, this blog is where I like to ramble about all things science fictional, in particular as it intersects with Christianity and religious themes. I might also give my latest excuses for not writing more myself.

There are some ongoing minor tweaks to the design of the site to be ironed out, so any layout problems that get pointed out won’t be taken personally. All the effort of getting this far will (hopefully) encourage me to post more often and keep things fresh.

Regular blogging will commence here during April, complete with a habit-forming bi-weekly schedule:

Monday reviews – books, movies, the latest Doctor Who episode, etc.

Wednesday WIP – because I’m all about the accountability, laugh and point at my shocking wordcount for the previous two weeks. Plus website updates as I continue to add pages elsewhere on the site.

Friday – Re-Dwarf, the great Red Dwarf rewatch. Inspired by the fun I had watching and commenting on Red Dwarf X last year, I’m going to start from The End and pick out all the deep theological lessons the boys from the Dwarf can teach us.

Tuesday Tunes – reviews of the music I write to, and the occasional fun Top Ten.

Thursday – Anything else that may have got my attention from the worlds of science or religion in the last couple of weeks, or following up anything that crops up by way of comments on my other ramblings. Failing that, photos of old cars.

That’s what you have to look forward to, so come and join me for the ride… it’ll be fun!