Camp NaNoWriMo July Update

In actual fact, I’ve written quite a lot of words this month. Unfortunately, very few of them are even remotely related to Camp NaNo; although I suppose given the somewhat nebulous goal I set myself to do something writing-related every day, I could count them. But of course, I couldn’t possibly cheat at the noble institution of NaNoing.

What I do have, however, is a bit more of Countless as the Stars ebook-ready (it could even happen before NaNo proper!) and a bunch of scribbled ideas for short stories – including, intriguingly, several variations one vague but fun idea that I’ve had for a while. So part of Camp NaNo has become a series of short stories, all with the same idea at their core, but in a range of sub-genres on the spec-fic scale. Part of me wants to give them all the same title too, but of course that would be lunacy.

Oh, and there’s a daikaiju story in the offing too; I literally just gave myself the idea of launching that for Godzilla’s 60th birthday (which also coincides with NaNoWriMo, fact fans). Actually, I should probably have Hex Drive (or as it may now be called, Tyrannosaurus Hex) ready for then too, as it has a, well, Tyrannosaurus in it.

So, it seems most of my Camp NaNo word count has actually gone on a massive to-do list of writing projects… which I suppose means that I should be writing.

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