Camp NaNoWriMo: Take Two

Needless to say, writing targets and other suchlikes have once again fallen victim to ‘real life’, whatever that is, and so June’s main writing task – finishing Bootlesquith Manor – has become my Camp NaNoWriMo project.

Only this time, for reasons which will possibly become slightly more unclear than they currently are, I am determined to actually get the job done. No, really. If it hangs around on my hard drive for much longer it will have missed it’s ideal window. And since I have already failed to get Tyrannosaurus Hex (Bit#1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles) launched in time to cash in on renewed dinofrenzy related to some b-movie or something (I expect they’ll make a sequel though, if it was that good), I would really like to try and get some pop culture relevance behind Bootlesquith Manor.

On the plus side, a recent airing of the BM’s first page got enough positive responses that I might actually be enthused for it this time round – there is a faint hope that somebody might actually read it, and even – gasp – chortle at the appropriate points.

Yes, it transpires that I may have wasted my time writing an Old Testament Space Opera, and should have just kept writing ridiculous Brit-humour instead… ah well, live and learn eh? Besides, Countless as the Stars was a story that had to be written – specifically, that I had to write – and if it didn’t quite take off, well, so be it.

But we weren’t talking about that were we, we were talking about Camp NaNoWriMo, and Bootlesquith Manor, and how, despite everything else that’s going on, I will be attempting to post something here at least once a week over the summer. Progress reports during Camp, maybe the odd excerpt if a passage works especially well, or the usual mix of Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and Spectrum games.

Shorter snippets will be posted as I write/edit them at

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