CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Bright Empires


It’s Tuesday, it’s Blog Tour week, that can only mean one thing: time to recap the Bright Empires Series through the medium of Spotify!

Ostieguy – Kit
We begin, of course, with the theme song of our hero, Cosimo Christopher Livingstone the Younger, better known as Kit.

Pepe Deluxe – Ms Wilhelmina and Her Hat
If there is anything more psychadelic than wandering along a London back alley and winding up in 17th Century Prague, it’s the Finnish electropop version of Mina’s song.

Sheeple & Electrobios – Map Quest
The quest for the Skin Map being sort of critical to the series, this sort of had to be in there.

Icelandic Dream Station – Ley Line To Ancient Egypt
Ten minutes of pure sleep inducing ambience… and I’m sure there’s some clangers in there somewhere.

The Dead Weather – Bone House
This will at least wake you up ready for quest #2 of the series.

Juno Reactor – Burly Brawl
Because the soundtrack was just one of many awesome things about the Matrix. Oh, and because the bad guys are nick named the Burley Men, after their ringleader Archelaeus Burleigh.

Eonic – Well of Souls
The Well of Souls being the proper name of The Spirit Well, and the title of a suitably atmospheric instrumental piece.

Neo Retros – Zetetic Astronomers
Another change of pace as we meet the needlessly catchy secret society that turn up in The Spirit Well. The book, that is, not the actual well. That would be weird.

Maddison Wilson – Shadow Light
There isn’t a song called Shadow Lamp, I had to improvise. Don’t knock it though, this is an oasis of normality in what has been a wild soundtrack so far.

Teka Phobia – The Tree of Death
Told you, you should have just enjoyed Miss Wilson, you should have known there would be a doom metal moment coming in honour of The Fatal Tree.

Trivium – The End of Everything
And we’ll follow that with a bonus 80 seconds of the same, because… Kit stared at his fellow questors. “Is this it . . . the End of Everything?”

So there you go; enjoy the playlist, or at least part of it, there’s enough variety in there for you to find something you don’t hate… and then follow the tour, and then read one or more volumes of the Bright Empires series. I recommend book 1 as your starting point if you’re coming in fresh.

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3 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Bright Empires

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  2. Gotta say, it’s great to have you back, Steve. And that you actually got to read this one! How great is that!

    I look forward to what else you’ll have to say about The Fatal Tree.


  3. Steve Trower says:

    It’s good to be back on board the good ship CSFFBT, Becky!

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