NaNoWriMo update

This is a terrible way to write a novel. It’s also a terrible way to get enough sleep. And a terrible way to give up caffeine.

This evening I have just squeaked over the 8,000 word mark; still a couple of thousand behind target, but somewhere in the 5,000s I actually found the start of the story, and I’ve got something more of a plan going forward as a result.

Having said that, I’m not sure how much of the 2,000 or so words I’ve done after the beginning of the story proper will make even the first cut; I don’t think I’ve written a single worthwhile sentence yet in terms of literary worth.

Still the reason I’m doing this is to figure out whether my story idea – which is one that’s been rattling round in my head for years – is good enough to work at novel length. At the moment I have only met two characters, so it’s a little early to tell, but any day now I’ll be bringing out the villains, so that should spice things up a little – not least the wordcount!

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