October approaches…


And with October, comes the inevitable annual dilemma: which story to attempt for National Novel Writing Month.

I actually have ideas too, so I thought it might be nice to spend October, you know, planning for NaNo, rather than plumping for a project on October 31st and winging it completely (fun though that approach is).

Raspberry Time.

Inspired by a throwaway line from Camp NaNo:

We hired an airship and set off, following a temporal anomaly detector powered by loombands and a Raspberry Pi.

Has the downside of only actually meaning anything until loombands are superseded by something else.

Bit #2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles.

This was sort of where Camp NaNo started out, before getting hopelessly sidetracked. It won’t mean a lot to most people, of course, but it does feature a Dodge Spacevan and a ZX81. And it is the thing I want to concentrate on, long term.

Bad NaNo Novel.

A completely off-the-wall idea; I’ve always kept the ‘wild card’ option in reserve for previous NaNos, the idea being to pluck characters, plots and settings almost at random from the Adoptables on the NaNo forum, and see what I can come up with. This idea takes it a step further, with the aim to be as nonsensical, in-jokey and self-referential as possible, and then throw it out as an ebook for giggles. Except, of course, having announced that idea on the internet, even using a pen name won’t necessarily detach me from it.

I also have a non-fiction idea, and need to write the sequel to Countless as the Stars all over again because the original file is fubar, but neither are NaNo propositions. So have your say, decide which sorry tale you would prefer me to wibble about for the next three months:

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