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Just time for a quick update post as the end of the month approaches – although it has, all things considered, been a very busy month:


I’m not making a big thing of it, but it is available, if you’re interested. I mainly just snuck it onto amazon so I could offer it to fellow WriMos for cheap, and plan a more concerted marketing effort after NaNo.


For NaNoWriMo of course. I am actually going to be writing two more Bits of the Ambivalence Chronicles, aiming at roughly 25k each; Bit #2 is fairly well planned out, but things are much more sketchy when it get to Bit #3. That’s still an order of magnitude better than my NaNo planning most years, so we should be off to a good start.


Before I get into the post-NaNo (in fact, probably January) publicity thing, I’ve been preparing myself to actually be more present on social media. So I now have a Facebook author page, an Amazon author page, and a Goodreads author page (all linked from the main page here). Obviously that could all backfire when I bore the pants off everyone with my NaNo word counts, cheats and other tales of woe, but we’ll wait and see.

Website building.

At the moment, the ebook is only available on Amazon, and it looks like that may be the case for a little while. I do at least have that to link to, so the plan – possibly even before NaNo – is to put those permanently on the shop page along with checkout links for purchasing the paperback direct; the cover’s not as nice, but I do still have a few copies to shift.

Coming soon…

The Ninth Annual NaNoWriMo Takeover, of course – yes, it seems I have attempted it that many times, although the first two pretty half-heartedly (and unsuccesfully). Since 2008 it’s been my main source of first novel drafts, and hopefully as 2015 and the epublishing revolution march on, some of those might become final drafts, and then ebooks…. but I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s some of the usual stuff I made earlier lined up for November, just to make a break from all the NaNo news.
In the meantime, I should be continuing the NaNo prep…


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