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In a dramatic break with tradition, I have decided upon my project for NaNoWriMo 2013, and not content with that, actually started planning it. I know, right? Don’t worry though, most of it will be thrown together in true pantser fashion during November.
So far I have the most basic premise for the story world, and three or four characters through whose eyes that world might be explored.

At the moment each of those potential characters has a slightly different story attached, so my planning at the moment is working out which of those stories to concentrate on, and how (or if) the others link in as sub-plots. That and world-building; the world-building could be a fairly epic task for the next 6 weeks – more on that story later.

As well as that, my brain informs me that The Ambivalence Chronicles would make an awesome (if technically difficult) sitcom, provided I can persuade a TV channel to put one out in eight episodes rather than the more usual six.

And I came up with another non-fiction e-book (‘another’ in the sense of another idea; I haven’t actually published one yet) that I could put together without too much effort.
Now, if my brain could just come up with a working design for a flux capacitor, I’ll get started on that last year and it will be available for Christmas.

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