The dog ate my Camp NaNo entry…

…and other excuses. Not that I have to make excuses, of course, it’s only my writing career that’s failing to get off the starting blocks because of my demanding real-life career, and I’m pretty sure anyone who may have stumbled in here is about as interested in that as I am.

All of which serves to say that the last couple of months have been pretty quiet, writing-wise, but I’ve had chance to take stock now and come up with something like a plan for the rest of 2015, which I would like to present for you now.


First job, finish Bootlesquith Manor, attach its non-working title and prepare it for release into the wild, hopefully later this summer.


It’s Camp NaNoWriMo again; as long as June’s job is running on time, I may use it to write something for the Writers of the Future contest.


Release Bit #1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles, edit Bits #2 & #3, and start work on Bit #4.
Edit Dark Empathy (a NaNo from a couple of years back) and maybe get it out before November.
By which time it will be November, which as we all know is the centre of the writing year. Well, it is mine anyway.


All of which actual writing means that blogging may continue to be sporadic. I want to try and post twice a week, just to keep the site fresh and give me an excuse to invite folks over, but when it comes down to it, if there’s no books to buy, why invite them over?
And on that bombshell… I should be writing.

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