Towel Day Tunes


It’s Towel Day! So, although I don’t make a habit of posting on weekends, here’s a special Top Ten Towel Tunes to help you celebrate Douglas Adams and all things Hitchhiker-esque.

10. The Kinks – Arthur
A song about a plain simple man called Arthur… seems an appropriate place to start.

9. Radiohead – Paranoid Android
Creep? Don’t talk to me about Creep…

8. Lemongrass – Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Lemongrass is made up of walking plantoid lifeforms, something like the Rangdo from The Adventure Game with a couple of keyboards.

7. Lida Husik – Hitchhiker
Psychadelic rock number by someone who almost sounds like she could have been a character in Hitchhikers.

6. Liquid Gold – Don’t Panic
Cheesy sub-Eurovision disco – perfect for your Towel Night party!

5. A Flock of Seagulls – D.N.A.
If you leave an infinite number of seagulls in a room with an infinite number of musical instruments, they will eventually create the entire history of New Wave music.

4. Nothing Personal – Forty Two
What song will be number four in the Towel Day Top Ten? No, that probably isn’t it.

3. Saturns Day – Who Needs A Towel?
Silly question on Towel Day, you would have thought…

2. Tanya Donelly – Heart of Gold
Her from Throwing Muses and Belly, doing a Neil Young cover. Her rendition of Bob Dylan’s Starship Bistromath wasn’t of the same quality.

1. Camaromance – Mostly Harmless
I have no idea what this is, but it’s weirdly awesome. Mostly.

The playlist is there ready for you to listen along courtesy of Spotify, and you’ll spot a couple of bonus tracks on the end – I didn’t want to be too obvious with the Top Ten, but let’s face it, Journey of the Sorcerer is Hitchhiker’s.

Listen along

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