Tuesday Tunes: Monster Tunes

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It may not have escaped your notice that it is, in fact, NaNoWriMo (more about which later in the week), which seems to present an ideal opportunity to recycle some old blog posts.

So, inpsired by last week’s retro review of Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos, here is a Top Ten I put together way back in March 2012 for the CSFF Blog Tour. Unlike most of the Top Ten’s for the tour, however, this isn’t just ten songs obscurely connected to a book; in the back of Night of the Living Dead Christian the author gives us A Layman’s Self-Diagnosis Guide to Common Monstrosities – with ten monster types identified!

So here it is, a slightly unorthodox Top Ten Monster Songs:

Gargantuans. The Kinks: King Kong
A song about the best known giant monster (Godzilla who?) by those gargantuans of rock (see what I did there?) The Kinks.

Invisible People. Paul Weller: Invisible
The former Style Councillor gets in a jam because his ex can’t see him. Yes, I really went there.

Mad Scientists. Coldplay: The Scientist
You know this one, it’s the one where Chris Martin turns into a werewolf about 4 minutes in.

Mummies. The Fall: I’m a Mummy
He doesn’t try to scare people, he only came back to meet Paul McCartney.

Robots. Kraftwerk: The Robots
Originally I included the awesome cover by the Balanescu Quartet because Kraftwerk was way too obvious; but that’s not on Spotify any more. So here’s the full nine minutes of the 2009 remaster.

Sasquatches. Talking Mountain: The Abominable Abdominal Snowman
This sounds like something that belongs on a quirky Christmas compilation. Also, contains the OMG phrase, if that bothers you.

Trolls. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Under the Bridge
I could put the cover version on the list, but it’s a few days late for an All Saints pun, and really this is just better in every sense.

Vampires. Jonathan Richman: Vampire Girl
Just so that I avoided anything that previously featured in the Top Ten Vampire Songs (which is one of my favourite Top Tens in fact).

Werewolves. Mogwai: How to be a Werewolf
I thought they became gremlins?

Zombies. Jonathan Coulton: Re: Your Brains
Best. Zombie song. Ever.

And that reminds me: I should be writing.

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