CSFF Blog tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Numb


You may not believe this, but even on the tour for a book with spaceships in it (that would be Numb, by John W Otte) I am still filling. In which spirit, brought to you at great expense from a secret location deep inside Praesidium space, here are the Top Ten Numb Songs:

10. Tricky – Numb
Tricky is a purveyor of softly spoken trip-hop in the Portishead style, although this track is less bass-heavy than some.

9. Diana Vickers – N.U.M.B.
X-Factor reject in quite good record shock!

8. Portishead – Numb
Portishead are also purveyors of the Portishead sound, and come from um, Portishead, actually.

7. The Cure – Numb
Taken from the 1996 album Wild Mood Swings, probably named after the bands tendency to swing wildly from miserable to utterly wretched.

6. R.E.M. – So Fast, So Numb
In the 90s I saw R.E.M. in concert in Cardiff. Which, by a curious coincidence, is just across the Severn Estuary from Portishead.

5. The Willows – Numb
There should be a law against folk music sounding this good. I’ll be listening to Radio 2 before you know it at this rate. Can we get a decontamination shower for my ears please?

4. Linkin Park – Numb
Californian nu metal band improbably named after Linkin Park, home ground of Portishead FC.

3. U2 – Numb
First single from the Zooropa album, with Eno-esque vocals by The Edge.

2. Rob Zombie – Feel So Numb
Robbing zombies was the number one crime in the Portishead area in 2012.

1. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Awesome cover of the Scissor Sisters hit, with far better guitar solos. Pink Floyd, of course, are not from Portishead, but rumours persist that Roger Waters once bought a Ginsters Pork Pie at Gordano Services.

So there you go; enjoy the playlist, don’t use this post as research into the English port of Portishead, and follow the tour for Numb in the sidebar.

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  1. John W. Otte says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but I’m thinking I’ll have to tomorrow. This is really cool!

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