Tuesday Tunes: Twelfth Doctor Edition


You will, of course, have noticed that this blog did not carry the obligatory Twelfth Doctor post on Sunday evening, or indeed yesterday; that was because of reasons. Now, however, we are here to put right what once went wrong – no, wait, wrong time traveller – we’re here to celebrate the arrival of a new Doctor, and because it’s Tuesday, we’ll do it through the medium of tunes.

So here it is, fresh from Spotify’s own Zero Room, the Top Ten Twelve Doctor Who Tunes hit…

12. Silver Sensei – Gallifrey
Silver Sensei took his name from the serial where the Cybermen went to Japan to learn Zen Buddhism. It’s one of the lost episodes, I think.

11. Federal Drugs Administration – Dalek Girlfriend
I’m not saying anything. I don’t have enough regenerations left. (Contains a fleeting sexual reference near the end.)

10. Rose Billie – Because We Want To
Yes, it’s unashamedly 90s cheesepop, but you didn’t really expect me not to go there did you?

9. Alex Valentine – Tardis Heart
Now we’ve got all that cheesy silliness out of the way, here’s something a little more classy: a bloke with a guitar, singing about love or something.

8. Geof Whitley Project – Timelord (50th Anniversary of Dr Who)
Because samples.

7. Tom Baker Says – You Really Got Me
Samples heavily from the serial where Davros used a half-dalek version of the Fourth Doctor to infiltrate the Kinks. It’s one of the lost episodes, I think.

6. M31 – Doctor Who (M-Theory Original Mix)
There are a lot of renditions on the classic Doctor Who theme out there, so it seems only right to open one; this one seems intent on cramming several variations into an unbuilt motorway in Berkshire.

5. Dr. Noise – The Doctor and The Master
Shouldn’t that be Doctor Noise?

4. The Prisoners – Revenge of the Cybermen
Catchy retro-ska number that couldn’t sound less like a cyberman.

3. Orbital – Doctor?
Yes, it’s another version of the TV theme, but I like this one because it pre-dates the revived show, and sounds the way it should did when I was growing up with Four and Five.

2. Amy Lee Radigan – Can I Be Your Companion
There’s also a lot of Doctor Who fan songs on Spotify, but you can go find them yourself. This is my favourite. (Contains an anatomical rhyme for ‘All of Donna’s wits’.)

1. The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis
Because I want to.

Songs are not affiliated to any specific incarnation of the Doctor.

(And for the record, I’m glad Twelve is not a woman, for non-sexist reasons, and that he is older than me again. Should be interesting!)

Listen along

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