Who’s Who For The 50th?


I get the feeling there’s going to be quite a bit of Doctor Who news over the next few months, as we get closer to the show’s golden jubilee.

This weeks (possibly apocryphal) Who news is that a classic Doctor may make an appearance in the 50th anniversary. Which would be nice, given that my appetite has been whetted by the last episode’s glimpses of Doctors past.

However, it can’t have escaped everyone’s notice that most of the pre-reboot Doctors are, well, a little older than they were when they regenerated. Admittedly a generous application of handwavium allowed Peter Davison to bring Five back for a special mini-episode a little while ago, and they can do wonders with make up these days, so I’m told.

He’s not the Doctor, he’s a very naughty boy!

They can also do wonders with hats, of course, and Four was well known for his hat, second only to hs scarf and his tin dog. Seven, he had a hat too. And an umbrella. You could hide a multitude of sins under that combo. So that’s three Doctors we’ve got in the cast straight away.

Which leaves us with Six – most divisive Doctor ever – and Eight.

Paul McGann is, of course, the obvious choice, having not regenerated on-screen. He may, indeed, have regenerated into the missing Doctor, John Hurt’s Doctor, before coming over all Mancunian for the 21st Century. The Hurt Doctor then did whatever he did ‘not in the name of The Doctor’, explaining Nine’s initial angst in the first rebooted series. All makes perfect sense to me.

Which of course probably means I’m way off track, even if there is any truth behind this particular rumour – after all, Steven Moffat said recently that he has lied his arse off for months about the 50th.

I don’t believe him though.

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