A Bad Case of Real Life

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that my attempts to be regularly blogging and more intentionally pursuing a writing career have thus far failed to materialise. I have all these good intentions, but real life, it seems, has more pressing matters it would like me to attend to. As these in usually involve being able to pay the mortgage and feed my family, I generally concede the point.

But that doesn’t really help; I still have a million and one (count ’em) creative ideas queueing for attention, alongside the day job, the family, and the mundane but essential business of everyday life. So… where do I find time to do all this writing, editing and publishing?

Well clearly, so far I haven’t. So in order to try and progress this year of intentional writing, I need to rethink how I go about it. And so far I’ve come up with two key changes to make:

Blog less.

Yes, you at the back stop sniggering. I know hardly any of my posts get read, and that actually doesn’t bother me because I’m usually just writing stuff I want to write but which have no bearing on the broader subjects I’m writing about (like music reviews) or I’m just thinking out loud (like now).

So, I might find an alternative outlet for some of the things I blog about, or I might not, we’ll see how that goes. What I will do is try and write at least one fairly decent and relevant blog per week, and the rest of the stuff can come when I have time. Which leads to the second change…

Make time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only realistic and achievable way of doing this is just to get up early and get an hour of writing in before the day starts bothering me with its tedious problems.
And that, in nutshell, is my plan so far. We’ll see how that works for productivity in March…

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