This week, I have been mostly…

…keeping up with the day job – the school holidays tend to cause havoc with my work schedule. But it seems a long time since I’ve taken stock of my creative output, so here goes:


Not much, really, following on from the 20,000 word epic that was July’s CampNaNo effort, provisionally titled Hex Drive. Now Hex Drive has given me an idea of who the characters are, and the starting point of an overall arc for the Ambivalence Chronicles, I have been playing around with very rough ideas for the later stories and how they might fit in to the bigger picture.
I will be picking Hex Drive up again soon – probably in September if I have my time management back under control!


The Countless as the Stars rewrite continues at a similarly reduced rate… I still occasionally want to reboot the thing entirely but am disciplining myself to keep the edits to typos and minor wording tweaks.

I want to get The Ballad of Matthew Smith edited soon as well…


Updating the website.

Nothing yet, but there will be an Ambivalence Chronicles section soon.


Coming soon…

More of the above. The Countless e-book will probably be the first finished project, then hopefully Matthew Smith or Hex Drive – and it’s almost time to plan for November too!

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