Camp NaNoWriMo update

It all started, as so many good stories do, on ebay.

So begin The Ambivalence Chronicles: A Comic Urban Fantasy in 8 Bits.

Bit #1 is, for the time being, entitled Hex Drive, because that sort of ties in with at least some of what the story will be about; it is still very much a process of discovery writing though, so anything could happen. I mean, literally anything, going by some of the things I have got planned…

Progress is going well; Day One got off to a flying start, allowing me to fall a little below my daily requirement of 650 words today and still stay ahead of the curve.

I’m making a surprisingly good pace of around 600 words per hour so far; unfortunately it isn’t as funny as a Comic Urban Fantasy should be. Hopefully I can edit somejokes in during August – and I’m hoping tonight will bring some suitably wacky dreams as I drift off to sleep amid fumes of Waxoyl coming up from the garage…

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