Camp NaNoWriMo Update

Before I throw myself laptop first into a long Friday of wordcount boosting, time for a quick review. I’ve missed a couple of days this week, and then my creative brain got distracted by a couple of other projects that are totally awesome in my head, but, um, I may not actually have the talent to bring into being.

A lot like The Ambivalence Chronicles then.

I did – against all the odds – manage to make quite a bit of progress at a CampNaNo write-in last weekend, and not only started out the week just ahead of target, but also (following on from last weeks post) started to get the story into some sort of order. But then a couple of days without writing came along and spoilt it all…

Who are we to say who the bad guys are? Maybe they just want to cure world hunger and play a bit of Tetris like rest of us.

I did have a crisis of confidence a few days ago; a few years ago when I started The Ambivalence Chronicles during NaNoWriMo, I pictured my protagonist as being about 19 and living with his parents. Now, realising that retro computing is a heavy theme of the series, and most people who remember the sort of retro computers I’m talking about are over 30, I thought maybe my hero should be as well.

Whereas, when I started Hex Drive on July 1st, he was 25, for reasons of plot. Hmm.

For now, I’m carrying on with the original (a few NaNos ago) idea of him being 19, and about to head of on his first big adventure, in the desperate hope that it doesn’t turn out to be deeply symbolic when they reach Chapter Twenty. There is a certain appeal to a teenager more interested in breathing life into an obscure 30 year old computer than keeping up with his mate’s iPad, so I’m going to play with that idea.

Progress-wise, I’m half way through may target wordcount; word number 10,000 was ‘our’. My daily average has dropped to 526, and needs to be 770 to finish on time now. So, what’s that expression? I should be writing…

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