CSFF Blog Tour: Storm Siren by Mary Weber


Seems like it’s been a while since we had a blog tour, doesn’t it? Well, here we are again, and this time round we’re shining a light on Mary Weber’s YA trilogy (or part one thereof), Storm Siren.

And here’s something about the book I managed to glean from amazon:

Nym, a slave and unlikely heroine, is plagued by guilt for the innocents killed by her superpower: dangerous weather spawned by her out-of-control anger. Along with flesh-eating horses and the shape-shifting wolf-wizard Draewulf, she considers herself one of the monsters that inhabit the war-torn world of Faelen. Together with Colin, who generates earthquakes, and handsome Eogan, who calms her storms, Nym –

Wait, what? Together with who? The maker of earthquakes, creator of tsunamis, spinner of tectonic plates… Colin? Colins do not have seismic superpowers. They’re a supervisor in a call centre, or a bank manager from Swindon. They don’t cause buildings to tremble or land to slide. They certainly don’t have an epicentre.

bio-picNow, I could be jumping to conclusions here, but I don’t think Mary Weber has ever met a Colin. Seriously, I’ve seen her author pic. That’s her there. Does she look like someone who mixes with Colins? Mad Dog or Shredmaster maybe. Or Sixfingers. I’d even believe Nym… but not Colin. A Collins Dictionary, sure, being an author and everything. Just not… Colin.

Clearly, any book which claims someone called Colin might register on the Richter scale has no credibility. It’s just fantasy as far as I’m concerned, and should be clearly marketed as such.

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5 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

  1. TimothyH says:

    Great comment on naming an earthquake handler Colin instead of a more dire name is pure fantasy.
    Funny post.

  2. As always, Steve, you manage to entertain and promote all in the same post. Very funny.


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  5. Steve Trower says:

    Thanks for stopping by, glad I could entertain you for a few minutes!

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