CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Storm Siren


Greetings, pop pickers! Welcome to that point in the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour when we forget about Mary Weber’s Storm Siren trilogy, and plumb the depths of my music collection (and Spotify, whose collection is a little more extensive) for a brief musical interlude.

It’s looking a bit black over Bill’s mother’s, so take cover before the Top Ten Storm Songs hit…

10. Spaceheads – Storm Force 8
And weopen with the customary 8 minutes of electronica.

9. U2 – Electrical Storm
U2 are an Irish rock band made up of oddly-named characters like ‘Bonio’, ‘Hedge’ and ‘Larry’. But don’t let that put you off, they could be big one day.

8. Tanya Donelly – The Storm
This song reminds me of Catatonia. Are we sure Tanya is from Newport, Rhode Island, and not Newport, Gwent?

7. The Wonder Stuff – Storm Drain
Paul from The Wonder Stuff was actually Marilyn Manson in disguise as a Black Country indie-rocker – a fact which has led to many an amusing rumour over the years.

6. The Levellers – Dance Before the Storm
First the Stuffies, now The Levellers… it’s a proper nostalgia factory in here tonight; like I’m in Sixth Form all over again.

5. Leftfield – Storm 3000
I think I just tuned into that pirate radio station again…oh well, I’ll see how this track plays out before I retune for Mark Goodier’s Evening Session.

4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Storm in a Teacup
You know the Chilli Peppers, famous Mexican rock band. Probably. Look, I haven’t got time to fact check, I have geography homework to do.

3. Astralasia – Riders on the Storm
Granted, a psychadelic trance cover of a Doors classic may not be to everyone’s taste, but I happen rather to like this.

2. Tangerine Dream – Storm Seekers
It’s quite possible that a lot of the facts in these bits are made up, and made up with references far too obscure for most of my readers. Still, I’m having fun. I’ll take questions at the end of the Top Ten.

1. Young Knives – Storm Clouds
This is just awesome. If storm clouds could play guitars and drums and stuff, they would totally sound like this.

And that was our Top Ten. I have it on good authority that Storm Siren
by Mary Weber is still available, and still rocks like a Mexican four-piece. But don’t take my word for it, click something at random from the list on the sidebar, and see what my fellow bloggers think.

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