CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes – A Cast of Stones


This week I am once again joining the CSFF Blog Tour, highlighting A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr. And according to my calendar, it’s Tuesday, so… hurriedly cobbled together by the village drunk, it’s the Top Ten Stone Songs…

10. Phantogram – Turning Into Stone
Here, have some weirdness to start with. At least then it can only get normaller.

9. Crash Test Dummies – Heart Of Stones
They never quite shook off Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm for me; this is similarly minimal in its sound, but at least all the words are, um, words.

8. Electric Light Orchestra – Turn To Stone
Symphonic rock, 70s Birmingham style. You know you want to.

7. The Soft Boys – Only The Stones Remain
Robyn Hitchcock and the psychadelic post-punk band from Cambridge.

6. Graffiti6 – Stone In My Heart
Yes, we are on a tour of slightly obscure English music through the ages (this stop: London, 2010).

5. Phildel – Union Stone
Token current track, this came out in March. From the Chilterns, apparently.

4. Milk Maid – Pictures Of Stone
Sounds like something out of early 90s Manchester, but is actually from 2012, er, Manchester.

3. New Young Pony Club – Stone
Every Top Ten needs its quota of electronica, and this has some brilliantly 8-bit sounding bleep bloops.

2. The Stone Roses – Made of Stone
Our tour of obscure English groups who have recorded a song about a stone must end, appropriately, here; it sounds like Machester in the early ’90s – and for good reason this time.

1. Evanescence – Made of Stone
Not a Stone Roses cover. Because that would be so awesome Amy Lee would explode.

The playlist is ready for you to listen along, but don’t forget to visit the other bloggers on the tour, and then go and get yourself a free copy of A Cast of Stones for your Kindle.

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4 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes – A Cast of Stones

  1. Guess I don’t listen to enough music, I’ve never heard of any of these! 😀

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  3. Steve Trower says:

    Don’t feel bad Meagan, I always discover a few new artists at Blog Tour time 🙂

    (What do you mean it’s supposed to be about discovering new writers?)

  4. Laure Covert says:

    I love the Dr. Who reference: “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey”. Such an inside joke 🙂 I enjoyed A Cast of Stones!

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