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Wow, are we here again already? It seems like only a couple of posts since the last tour…. Yes, the tour has gone a little wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, but worry not, that probably just means we’re getting a fun time travel romp to take a look at this month!
Actually, it means no such thing. This month my fellow bloggers and I have been reading (or at least thinking about reading) A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr, which describes itself as ‘An Epic Medieval Saga Fantasy Readers Will Love’.

A couple of years ago I almost created the strange and nebulous concept of the fantasy spectrum, which had high fantasy, sword and sorcery stuff way out in the UV end waiting to give you cancer if you’re over exposed, and things like magical realism – the ‘real’ world with just one or two elements slightly askew – hidden in the infra-red, where you need a special camera to actually see that they are even fantasy.
I’ve never liked purple. Sorry Patrick, but I stopped thinking about reading this at ‘medieval’; it’s just not my bag, so I won’t even attempt to review it as I won’t appreciate how awesome it probably is.
You are advised, therefore, to find out more about the book by following the tour through the links on your right, or by visiting the author’s website. If the thought of kingdoms in peril, hermit priests and questing village boys doesn’t bring you out in a cold sweat, you might even want to buy the book from the clicky’s above, or, you know, one of those mythical ‘bookshop’ thingies I keep hearing about but have never actually seen.

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6 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour – A Cast of Stones

  1. It really is too bad that you don’t like epic fantasy, Steve, because the publisher is giving away free ebooks until the end of the month. This is one we’re touring that you could actually read!


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  3. Julie says:

    Yeah, I thought I might like this one…I have mixed feelings about epic fantasy, though I did enjoy the Lord of the Rings trilogy–not The Hobbit. I read the first few pages and thought this would be OK, but no, it wasn’t my thing.

    You are wiser than I am!

  4. You are missing out!

    Alas Bookshop thingies are becoming history and history becomes legend and legend becomes myth! And myths are all too soon forgotten.

    I miss those thingies – a fantastic way to spend the day – browsing the shelves looking for a new read

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