It begins…. (again)

As I write this, we are just two (count ’em) hours shy of Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. And, yes, despite (or perhaps because of) not having the time to keep this blog afloat for the last two months, I’m going to jump right in and give it another shot.

Officially (i.e. what my Camp NaNo profile says) I am writing ‘v=u+at And Other Tall Stories’, a 20,000 word collection of erratic short stories.

Such a collection may indeed come to pass; however my main aim for July is to do something – anything, no matter how small – connected to writing, editing or indeed publishing, every day during the month. Which, given that the month includes a family holiday, may end in divorce. Who knows, such is the nature of erratic fiction.

In all seriousness, however, I have Bit #2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles, which epically failed to get written during April, to carry on writing. I have The Ballad Of Matthew Smith to edit. And I have the forthcoming (or at least, fifth or sixth-coming) Countless as the Stars ebook to finish preparing. Some of the writing will just be blog posts, reviews etc to get some fresh content going out here, but it’s all writing, and that’s the sole aim. And then, at some point, I should probably get a functioning shop on the website again.
So, that’s what I’m doing for the next month; who knows, I may even remember to post some of my adventures here as I go…

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