This week, I have been mostly…

…keeping up with the day job. I have almost beaten it into submission though, so hopefully soon I can get on with some more interesting things. In the meantime, here’s the creative tally for the last month:

Updating the website.

There is an Old Testament Space Opera section now, although most of the pages are still backstage getting their hair done. Unfortunately this section lacks illustration, and I’m not sure I really want little Lego dudes illustrating my one available work.
Also, the email button on the front page works properly now too..



Epic fail. Still playing with some short stories, but got sidetracked by planning The Ambivalence Chronicles #1 – it turned out turned out that DragonQuest is the third story in the series, and as that’s basically written I feel the need to catch up with it.



The Countless as the Stars rewrite has slowed somewhat too, although I do have an editing window later this week.


Coming soon…

Camp NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t going to participate – one crazy sleep-deprived month per year is enough for any sane person – but since I have a story well into the planning stages, and can cut the word goal down to a manageable 20k, I seem to have done a swift u-turn on that.
And, as there won’t be any e-books until some time after July, it seems silly to wait for them before opening the shop page; paperback copies of Countless as the Stars will be available here again before I disappear into Camp NaNo.

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