Looking back, looking forward


The year is well under way now, but it’s still January enough to do the annual taking stock of successes, failures and plans.

Well last year’s plans were:
1. Publish three more books; and
2. Enter the Writers of the Future contest at least once.

Well the failures column is looking good so far anyway. Let’s take a closer look:


The Countless as the Stars e-book went wide, although I haven’t added links here to the many other places it is now available. Bad marketer!

Last year’s secret project, which briefly became Bootlesquith Manor, was finally released as The Ballad of Matthew Smith, the title I wrote it under several NaNos ago.

I had also planned to release Bit#1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles, but Matthew Smith (which exists in the same multiverse but is not – currently – connected to the main story) ended up taking its place and becoming the one out of three that got published. Oh well.

For 2016 I will publish Bit#1, hopefully followed by Bit#2, and at least one other book. The plan is for these all to be rather more polished than Matthew Smith, which was just a bit of a fun side project really.


Last year’s new writing actually turned out to be quite sparse, with most of my limited time spent revising Matthew Smith and the Ambivalence Chronicles.

The Ambivalence Chronicles will be the ongoing project for 2016; I’m also currently doodling away on two or three shorts stories (although most of the ideas seem to end up demanding more words than I have space for) and planning to compile and expand the Re-Dwarf blogs into a sort of theological meander through the Red Dwarf universe.


See above for last year’s editing – quite successful in that it got done.

I still have several NaNoWriMo projects from the last few years lurking on hard drives in NaNo or first draft form, at least once of which will be subject to some proper revision during 2016.

Coming soon…

Next book release will be Bit#1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles – tentatively titled Tyrannosaurus Hex, although I may shorten it. Or not. I don’t know. I will also write more short stories, and send them places – not least Writers of the Future. Watch this space, as they say.
And for now, I should be writing…

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