This week, I have been mostly…


Updating the website.

If you’ve dropped in much over the last week or so you might have noticed some strange goings on here and there as I have been tinkering backstage. Most of it shouldn’t be noticeable; getting the infrastructure ready for when the blog gets busier and I add more pages to the site as a whole.

I have been tweaking colours here and there, most noticeably so comments can be read now… and I’ve added a follow button for the blog, and social media share buttons now appear on individual blog posts (but not on the blog page, as yet). Feel free to start using these as soon as you like 🙂



Not much to show for this so far, but I do have a couple of short story ideas to play with (for competition entry purposes) and I’ve got the prequel to DragonQuest in planning. So I guess this section is still more of a ‘planning’ than a ‘writing’ update.



The Countless as the Stars refresh is on Chapter Nine now; I’m toying with the idea of putting the first section out as an ebook taster, but I’ll probably finish the final copy edit before I worry about fornatting any or all of it for ebook purposes.


Coming soon…

Those short stories, all being well; and maybe some actual writing on the Dragonquest prequel. And, more importantly, a shop page on the website 🙂

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