NaNoWriMo: Half-way review

So, somewhat later than planned, how about a look at progress so far?

Well, it has to be said, as far as wordcount is concerned, not great; at the end of day 14, having needed a three day break for real life, I was bubbling away under the 17k mark (thats about 6400 words behind the curve, for those keeping count). However, I got a good weekend in in, and with some handy spreadsheeting (that’s pronounced pro-crass-tin-ay-shun) came up with a word count target that had me going fairly easy for week three, and picking up bigger wordcounts during the last week.

Unfortunately real life has intervened further, and I’m going to have at least two more days of not writing this week, so it will be a particularly frenzied final week as I attempt to reach the end of this particular part of the story by the end of November.

All this has been slightly hampered, not just by the day job, but by the unwarranted appearance, fully formed, of a completely other story idea in my head the other day. Needless to say, one of my characters has suddenly developed the urge to become a fiction writer and is filling a chapter of Hex Drive with her various fictive musings.

Speaking of Hex Drive: the original idea for NaNo 2014 was for Bit #2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles (no, you haven’t missed Bit #1 yet, it still needs editing) but it has turned out that I’m writing Bit #2: Nineteen Eighty-Two and Bit#3: Hex Drive this month. At around 25,000 words each, I’m not [that] crazy!

As is usual for NaNoWriMo, it took about 13,000 words and over a week for a key element of the story to fall into place; it took another 7.000 words for all the characters to stop being cardboard cut-outs, but I think when I pick this up again later this week it should be slightly less rubbish for the second half.

And who knows, I might even find time to blog about it slightly more regularly.






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