Tuesday Tunes: NaNoWriMo 2014 Soundtrack

Contrary to what the banner says, and my NaNoWriMo profile says, and all other evidence to the contrary, my NaNoWriMo project for 2014 is not Hex Drive. Well, not only Hex Drive anyway; Hex Drive (having originally been the working title for Bit #1 of the Ambivalence Chronicles) is the second of two novellas in the Ambivalence Chronicles I have been working on this month. (Pay attention, there will be a test later.) And the other day I finished the first – Nineteen Eighty Two: Bit#2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles.

And so, it being Tuesday and all, I thought I would present a selection from the soundtrack to that novella, to whet your appetites for when it eventually gets finished and maybe sees the light of day. Mostly, these are in no particular order, and largely represent what I have been listening to in order to get in a slightly distorted 1982 mindset – namely, a lengthy playlist of covers of somgs from 1982. However, if I ever actually do compile them into a proper soundtrack once the story is finished, I will try and make them make some sort of sense. Anyway, on with the music!

Lazyitis: Come On Eileen (Blinky’s 8-Bit Chasers Version)
The theme for 1982 for several reasons: Come On Eileen was the best selling single in the UK that year; it was by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and I have a character called Dexy; and the 8-bit sound of this version fits the story perfectly; and it’s just fun.

Dinah Eastwood: Hungry Like The Wolf
The covers of 1982 hits theme worked best when the cover was a completely different style to the original, and this is about as far from Duran Duran as it gets.

Adagio: Fame
Is there as song which says 1982 more than Fame? And is there a cover with subverts it more than this one?

Covox: Computer Love
Back with the 8-bit sound, and a computery theme to boot.

Hellsongs: Run To The Hills
If you are not familiar with Hellsongs, trust me, it’s nothing like you’re expecting.

The Magnets: Town Called Malice
Possibly the best Jam cover since The Kinks did that wersion of David Watts; I see this playing as our heroes explore the town early in the story.

Megan Wyler: I Just Can’t Get Enough
Depeche Mode covered as tea room background music.

Paul Anka: Eye Of The Tiger
Because Rocky does swing in my universe.

Powerman 5000: Should I Stay Or Should I Go
A slightly creepy Clash cover to go with some of the creepier moments.

R.E.M.: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Because Wimoweh.

Republica: Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
Electric friends, computers, covers from 1982, shouty girl vocals… it’s all here.

Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Because one of my characters went through a goth phase in Chapter Six.

Henry Mancini: Pink Panther Theme
Because it’s good sneaking around music for Gary the Hi Vis Ninja.

Seu Jorge and Almaz: The Model
Another Kraftwerk cover, this one decidedly creepy.

Slow Moving Millie: Don’t Go
Yazoo, in case you were wondering.

Solar Twins: Rock the Casbah
I don’t know what this is… driving music maybe? I just like it.

The Stranglers: Golden Brown (Foiled Dragon Mix)
I’m foreshadowing. In a slightly obscure way.

Tara Busch: Let’s Go To Bed
Because you didn’t think The Cure could get any weirder…

The Cure: One Hundred Years
I put some original Cure in because of the aforementioned goth phase. And this was from 1982.

Karen Souza: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
And again turning the cheesy pop hits of ‘82 into something quite different.

Clawfinger: Vienna
Getting a bit more edgy with the covers as the excitement mounts near to the climax…

Siouxsie and the Banshees: Slowdive
Another not a cover version, a 1982 song for our goth girl again.

Lawnmower Deth: Kids In America
Fitting for a fight scene I think… bring on the Hi Vis Ninja!

Hecuba: Killing an Arab
Another weird Cure cover, suits the epilogue I think.






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