This week, I have been mostly…



NaNoWriMo is literally imminent now; I have a basic story in mind, characters ready to dive in at the deep end… but mostly I’ve been busying myself with a crash course in European history (in order to re-write it entirely) and basic temporal mechanics (in order to crash land a time machine).
Actually, now I come to relate that, I seem to have been figuring a lot of stuff out in order to completely destroy it.

Not writing.

Obviously, because NaNoWriMo. I have managed to get the day job into some sort of order now though, so we’re all good for November.

Website building.

Here, we reached a convenient break in the Re-Dwarf segment at the end of Series 2, so that will be moving over for a few weeks to make time and space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.
Elsewhere, I volunteered to help set up an online portfolio for my cover artist (who also happens to be Mrs Steve Trower).


A couple more chapters of Countless as the Stars have had a typo edit recently – still no promises when that ebook will finally arrive though!

Coming soon…

NaNoWriMo updates – assuming I manage to pull this thing together the way I hope to; and Whovember. Which hopefully means that some regular blogging will resume shortly…

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