The best laid plans


I know, right? A blog post turns up out of nowhere promising all manner of exciting content to follow, and then I disappear off the face of the Earth.

To cut a short story long, our broadband router died, and due to the somewhat unhelpful policy of certain broadband providers not to replace faulty equipment (although I was helpfully offered an extended warranty) I was forced, by virtue of not wishing to pay anyone £75 just for the privilege of continuing to pay them money, to switch providers. No names, no pack drill, but if I just updated you to my email address, prepare to be updated to a address shortly (unless the landline continues to not work, in which case anything could happen).

But that’s another story, and what I should really be doing is talking about the story Dream Treaders by Wayne Thomas Batson, because it is, in fact, time for another of those Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour Thingies.

It goes without saying, of course, that I haven’t read this book. I have, however, read the blurb on amazon and it sounds like it might not be all that bad. Well, any story which recognises the inherent awesomeness of being English must have something worth saying, right?

It also sounds a little like Inception for a younger audience, and presumably with some sort of Christian message somewhere in the trilogy. I guess we’ll have to follow the tour (links in the sidebar) to find that out though.

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