This week, I have been mostly…

Working on the day job, recovering from Camp NaNoWriMo failure and having another of my occasional blog hiatuses. Hiati? Breaks. But now I’m back. So, to recap, I have also been…


Just not very much, that’s all. In fact my Camp NaNo project, Bit #2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles, clocked in at around 10,000 out of my 20,000 word target – and about 80% of that was irrelevant or just plain crap. Still, I have used what was worth keeping to try and flesh out the wider series arc a little, and who knows, maybe I’ll take another run at it for the July Camp session.


The typo edit for Countless as the Stars is, finally, complete! So the aim is to get the thing formatted into a nice e-book, with a nice cover, and prepare to take amazon by storm! Probably.


Continued planning for The Ambivalence Chronicles – and I suppose I should come up with a plan for November before Halloween too, if I’m to take this writing lark at all seriously.

Website building.

Nothing visible at the moment, the main problem at the moment being the absence of a functioning shop page, which is an irritating detail I am busy trying a few alternatives for size, hopefully to be in place again before the alleged ebook launch. In the meantime, anybody wishing to acquire a paperback copy of Countless as the Stars should email – still at giveaway prices of course.

Coming soon…

The Great Red Dwarf Re-Watch will kick off again with Series IV, the Kinks retrospective will resume tomorrow, and I’ve been watching a lot of classic Doctor Who recently, so expect plenty of reviews. And besides that, anything else I decide to vent about…

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