The Trouble With Pantsing

I officially hate week two.

The trouble with pantsing – which is my chosen approach to all things NaNo – is that of having only the vaguest idea what is going on. Hex drive is very much that way for me: I have a beginning, I have an end… everything in between I’m making up as I go along.

There is no cooler way to die than in a 1275GT

And, as is also traditional for NaNo, part way into week two, I discover that the story I am writing doesn’t actually include most of the 5685 words I’ve written over the last 9 days. Which means that, in true NaNoWriMo style, day ten’s offering pretty much consisted of my two main characters sitting down and retconning the events of the previous week because I’ve come up with a more coherent idea. I think.

So far I’ve had one day of not making any forward progress (most of it now being retconned out notwithstanding) so I’m unsurprisingly a day behind, running with a daily average of 625 words. That only needs to go up to 655 to reach my target for the month, but I expect that once the new and improved version of the story kicks in properly I’ll be churning out more than that most days.

There is a lot of editing to do though; not least for the rewriting of the first quarter, but for comedy, and what small number of facts I feel obliged to sneak in under cover of fantasy.

So, now I have to go and remind myself of the plot of Mad Max, mix it up with some fantasy quest motifs, and chase it with a dinosaur all the way…. to story time.

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