CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Broken Wings


This week I’m joining the CSFF Blog Tour, highlighting Broken Wings
by Shannon Dittemore. And a blog tour wouldn’t be a blog tour without a musical interlude, would it?

So here it is: the Broken Wings Top Ten:

10. Anchovy – Broken Wings
It’s hard to tell why this guy is so unpopular, this tune is actually quite pleasant.

9. Joan Osborne – Broken Wings
Cover of an old John Mayall number… wonder if that was before or after The Young Ones?

8. Jesse Boykins III – Broken Wings
Unusual laid back hip-hop/electronic hybrid.

7. Imperia – Broken Wings
Epic symphonic rock, complete with girl vocal.

6. Sage Francis – Broken Wings
It’s hip-hop o’clock, which is probably the least hip-hop expression on this blog so far, and also means look out for the swearing.

5. Alter Bridge – Broken Wings
One of three tracks called Broken Wings I could have filled the list with covers of. In this case, I didn’t.

4. Flyleaf – Broken Wings
It’s Flyleaf. You’ve got to listen to Flyleaf.

3. Stendhal Syndrome – Broken Wings
It turns out they have trip-hop in Spain. And it also turns out some of it is really good!

2. Mr Mister – Broken Wings
I think he was the round purple one with the funny hat. This is the song that came straight to mind every time I saw the title coming up on this blog tour. I blame the 80s.

1. Blackbird and the Storm – Broken Wings
This one’s literally so hot off the press it could have been released specifically for this tour. Seriously. It’s also staggeringly gorgeous.

The playlist is ready for you to listen along, but don’t forget that all this jollity is in aid of a book by Shannon Dittemore – I forget the title of it now – but click one of those links on the right and you’ll find out more.

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6 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Broken Wings

  1. This is like the BEST blog post ever! I giggled through the whole thing. THANK YOU so much, Steve, for taking the time to read Broken Wings and spread the word. God bless!

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  3. Julie says:

    “Julie Bihn tackles Satan” is by far the coolest phrase ever written about me. LOL <3 Thank you!

  4. Steve Trower says:

    My pleasure Julie 🙂

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