CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Captives


It’s all that Becky Miller’s fault you know. Every month she locks me in a room with nothing but Spotify and a laptop until I’ve come up with a suitably eclectic list of songs in some way related to that month’s tour… Is it any wonder I never get to read the books in time?

Oh well, here they are, brought to you from deep within the Safe Lands: the Top Ten Captive Songs…

10. Elu – Captivate
We’ll kick off with the electronic offering for the week, a chilled out piece of trip-hop.

9. The Founders – Captive
Who knew the shape-shifters from out of Deep Space Nine would be able to turn their fluid appendages to ska punk so readily?

8. Flying Colours – Captive Pursuit
And from their to a prog rock cover version of a Deep Space Nine episode. Well, probably not actually, but this is almost as strange.

7. Colonel Abrams – Trapped
Colonel Abrams was sentenced to spend twelve years in 1985 for crimes against multiple time-space continuums.

6. Bukue One – Captivate
Absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek this time – Count Bukue was in the other one.

5. Glowworm – The Captive
The Glowworm is not, in fact, a worm at all, but the common name for the larval form of musician Kevin Davis.

4. Conceptus – Captive Formulas
Conceptus seem to have captured the formula used by some jolly jangly 60s garage band and made it their own.

3. The Kinks – Set Me Free
A proper 60s band this time, because I would never pass up an excuse to include some klassik Kinks.

2. Eowyn – Locked Away
The Christian rock chick named after a character from some obscure fantasy novel, apparently.

1. Ume – Captive
Every so often, locked away in my little Spotify tower, I’ll turn up a band I was previously unaware of, but who tick all my boxes. Ume (pronounced oo-may, fact fans) are such a band. This song is almost perfect, and for that reason, I won’t resent doing this all again next time…

Oh yes, and don’t forget that Captives by Jill Williamson is the inspiration for this little musical excursion, so follow one or more of the links on the sidebar, and see what my fellow bloggers think of the book.

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