CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: A Draw Of Kings


So it turns out Patrick Carr isn’t a real saint, at least not in the sense of having a day to himself in the middle of March. Unless that’s when his birthday is. Um. Anyway, what he does get, is a whole Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour dedicated to him and his book A Draw Of Kings.

Which means it is time to draw randomly from the King’s Lead Hat a selection of loosely related listening material – it’s the Top Ten King Songs:

10. T-Rex – The King of the Mountain Cometh
It seems a while since we heard from Marc Bolan and the boys.

9. Belly – King
Not Belly’s best track, but you have to love early 90s indie-rock with a girly vocal.

8. Run DMC – King of Rock
Ah, Run DMC: Kings of rock, rap, hip-hop, Aerosmith covers…

7. King – Love and Pride
About the only memorable moment for this short-lived 80s band.

6. The Proclaimers – King of the Road
A frequently covered country-esque song from the 60s, I like this version mainly because I love the way the Pro’s can sing with such thick Scottish accents…

5. China Crisis – King in a Catholic Style (Wake Up)
Quality 80s pop moment this. Lyrics are utter nonsense, but it sounds great.

4. Brian Eno – King’s Lead Hat
Somewhere between Roxy Music and selling his soul to Bill Gates, Eno was a genius. Lyrics are utter nonsense, but the whole album is great surreal pop.

3. Fun Lovin’ Criminals – King of New York
Combining rap and rock like a 90s version of Run DMC.

2. Apocalyptica – Hall Of The Mountain King
The theme from Manic Miner performed on heavy metal cellos. I bet that’s a sentence Patrick Carr never expected to read on his birthday.

1. Lana Lane – In the Court of the Crimson King
A King Crimson cover by that chick from out of Smallville. Probably.

As ever, the playlist is there for your aural pleasure while you visit the other bloggers on the tour. And don’t forget that all this jolliness is part of the CSFF Blog Tour for A Draw Of Kings, which continues in the sidebar.

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