It’s hard to believe, but I actually haven’t done a Doctor Who post here yet.

I may have mentioned the good Doctor in passing, but he certainly hasn’t had a post all to himself. Even after that season finale in all its goodness.

So, here we are to rectify that gross oversight, on the eve of the revelation of the Twelfth Doctor’s face. (Was there this much excitement when they did a regeneration in Classic Who? I wasn’t on twitter then, so I don’t remember.)

Anyway, according to Starburst, a Sunday newspaper has got hold of the name of the Doctor (so to speak) and plans to reveal it this weekend. So, obviously, the BBC have said they’ll scoop the scoop and reveal all tomorrow – which will be mighty convenient for the Sunday newspaper which doesn’t actually have a name and is just hoping the beeb won’t call their bluff.

And, just as obviously, the internet is scooping the scoop of the scoop by telling us all in advance that it’s going to be one of these guys:

Domhnall Gleeson – who’s ginger, which the Doctor has always wanted to be;

Daniel Kaluuya – who had a bit part in that episode of Doctor Who with the bus and the Bionic Woman;

or Dominic Cooper – who is older than Matt Smith (probably a good thing – he can’t keep getting younger, after all, or we’ll end up with Teen Angst Doctor, and nobody needs that).
Or it might not be. Sources tell us it is, but you know how unreliable sources can be.

It could still be a woman, much to the delight of thousands of feminists who will suddenly start watching it, oblivious to the fact that he’s been a bloke for getting on a millenium now and is just making a token gesture. Plus, who wants to see Olivia Colman in a bow tie, staggering around in a post-regenerational haze, and suddenly going ‘Hello, these are new!’

The time for a female doctor was about 30 years ago when it was first mentioned; I think now we should just accept that regeneration cannot include gender reassignment.

Personally, I’m still holding out for Bill Bailey.

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