Vogon poetry


This arrived as a comment on the blog the recently, and it appealed to me as such as such a nice example of Vogon poetry (in English) that I almost let it stay – it was even formatted in a way that looked as if it should scan but really didn’t.
Obviously, if I had approved it I would just have been inundated with similar nonsense, and while it’s funny once, there’s only so much drivel one can wade through before running out of time to write a blog post and resorting to rehashing a spam comment…
So, before deleting it, I decided to save it for posterity (although I’m sure many fellow bloggers will have seen this or some other example). Anyway, without any further ado, may I present:

‘Ode to a Piece of Spam I Found in My Inbox One Thursday Morning’

by Mari Cruz Martins


Begin of the two easy salmon cuisine makes sweetie
probably walnut syrup sugar-cinnamon. Might be makes you chuckle,
the others on internet land will likely then have fun also.
Along with neat thing could it be will still be seeing as luxurious
as any next reward holder may possibly acquire. Existing day
elevator pressurization computers can permit the lifts in the
package by firefighting crew.

Of course, if you are Mari Cruz Martins, or otherwise wish to claim authorship of the above, please do let me know, and I will gladly credit you correctly or take the post down if you prefer.
Just stop spamming my comments box, ok?

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2 Responses to Vogon poetry

  1. Keanan Brand says:

    In my comments box this morning were two spam essays — disjointed, humorous dissertations on weight-loss and world events — that would have made for amusing, broken-English companions to your ode. If only I had thought ahead, and saved them to share here. 😉

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