What I Did On My Holidays

Well, it’s the beginning of September, so why not break open that age old tradition so beloved of primary school teachers, of writing about what we got up to over that long summer break. With a writing slant, of course; I’m sure you’re not all interested in Newquay Zoo and a couple of car shows. So, here’s what I’ve achieved this summer:


Just bits and pieces really, the grand Camp NaNo vision of doing something every day sort of fell by the wayside, but did at least generate some interesting ideas for November or beyond.


Well, almost; the ebook prep for Countless as the Stars is well under way, and I have a somewhat nebulous yet ambitious plan to get the ebook on the eshelves for NaNoWriMo in November. Watch this space!


In a dramatic break with tradition, I already have three potential projects for NaNoWriMo. One of them is Bit #2 of The Ambivalence Chronicles, which I want to get up and rolling in the not too distant future, so I have also been trying to come up with a loose series plan and a more detailed Book Two plan along the way.

Website building.

Along with planning to get an ebook out by November, comes the obvious complimentary requirement for a sales channel of some sort. Obviously amazon will be my friend, but I also have a shop page to be added on here being tinkered with behind the scenes.

Unrelated stuff.

Irrelevant to the world of writing, editing and publishing, but kinda cool in a Geek Dad sort of a way, I took my eldest daughter to Maplins, bought a multipack of LEDs and helped her program a traffic light sequence in Scratch. We are a breadboard away from inventing the Raspberry Pi Time Machine here!

Coming soon…

The Great Red Dwarf Re-Watch actually will start Series IV on Friday. And of course more news about that NaNo project, and probably a post or two about my epubbing experiences as they move forward.
In the meantime, what did you get up to this summer?

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