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wip720dAs part of the purpose of this blog is to track my writing progress, it seems useful to start with an inventory of works-in-progress. Writing new stuff sort of stopped a little while ago as I put my creative energy into this website, but now it’s here, let’s see what I’ve got to work with…


Old Testament Space Operas.

Top of my WIPlist at the moment is editing Countless as the Stars for an ebook release; mostly correcting typos that slipped into the print edition and formatting, but some minor text changes here and there as well. Part of me would like to reboot it, but I fear I’d just be Lucassing the whole thing.

The sequel, Children of the Stars, is still in need of a thorough edit, having been drafted during NaNoWriMo a few years ago and left alone since.

I also have an idea for the story of Joseph and his brothers that could round out a Genesis trilogy.


The Ambivalence Chronicles.

Started with DragonQuest in NaNoWriMo 2009, but at the moment I’m working a prequel into the series before unveiling it properly.


Other sci-fi stuff.

The Nazarene Sect, a planned timey-wimey epic in which Christ’s life on Earth forms a critical point.

An alternate history of WW2. I have sort of an idea for this, but I’m holding out until either (a) I come up with an unusual enough angle, or (b) I become famous enough 😉 for this to stand out among the countless books already written in this genre/time period.


Unfinished NaNoWriMos.

Return to Innocence. The black sheep among my WIPs, this has no speculative elements at all. Yet.

Dark Empathy. The story of Mordecai Stone, emotional vampire.

The Ballad of Matthew Smith. An 8-bit cyber-punk Matrix-esque comic fantasy.

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