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This is one of those occasions where I feel like I should have done the homework. I don’t mean like actually reading the book or anything stupid like that – that really is the stuff of fantasy. Apparently, Merlin’s Blade does not refer to a propellor blade which may once have been attached to that other legendary defender of English soil, the Supermarine Spitfire; nor does it refer to a sword thrown at the unsuspecting Arthur by some watery tart, thus bestowing supreme power upon him.

All that aside, being English, I am oddly fascinated by the many and varied mythologies that surround our once and future king, and should really be able to offer something more on the subject. I’ve even been to Dintaga and seen Merlin’s Cave, but that was before the days of digital cameras so I can’t even impress you with my photographic skills.

Oh well, in the absence of anything sensible or intelligent from the ancient Kingdom of Mercia, here’s a selection of other stops on the tour worth making:
Emma Engel schools me on who Merlin may or may not actually be.
Shannon McDermott compares King Arthur with Robin Hood.
A teenager’s review – seems the book hit the spot with at least this part of the target audience.
And there are plenty more reviews:
Here, here and here to name but three. There are plenty more, get clicky with the sidebar and see what happens.

It seems that Robert Treskillard has achieved quite something here, re-writing the Arthurian myth in a way that even readers who weren’t excited by the source material came away enjoying his take on the story.

As ever, there’s plenty more on the tour, stop off at Becky Miller’s blog for direct links to every post on the tour.

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  2. Thanks, Steve, for being part of the tour! I enjoyed the wit and creativity very much … you have given a new meaning to the title of “Merlin’s Blade”!

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