CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Merlin’s Blade


In case you didn’t get it from yesterday’s cryptic picture clue, this week I’m joining the CSFF Blog Tour, highlighting Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard. Which of course means conjuring up some suitable musical refreshment for the half-way point on the tour.

So here it is, all the way from a cave somewhere under Kernow: the Top Ten Wizard Songs…

10. T. Rex – The Wizard
Everybody’s favourite Mini-driving glam rocker would have charted higher, but at almost 9 minutes long this is about 5 minutes too long.

9. Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Pf Gandalf had been Ozzy’s drug dealer, this would have been his theme tune.

8. The Who – Pinball Wizard
I don’t think this one is about a wizard at all you know…

7. Bat For Lashes – The Wizard
Right, enough of that rock nonsense, time for a change of pace; something nicely ethereal, perhaps.

6. The Others – My Friend The Wizard
This is what the bad guys from out of Lost would have sounded like if they were a 60s garage band rather than some secretive, island-dwelling weirdos.

5. The Flaming Lips – The Wizard Turns On…
I don’t just dredge up any old rubbish from the depths of Spotify you know – this won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

4. Madness – The Wizard
Ah, finally, Madness. That’s something I can relate to.

3. Mogwai – Wizard Motor
What would Gizmo from out of Gremlins be doing with a motorised wizard?

2. Paul Hardcastle – The Wizard
It’s the tune from Top of the Pops! What do you mean, what’s Top of the Pops? Kids today, with your MTV and your VH1 and your Kerrang TV and…

1. Chumbawumba – The Wizard of Menlo Park
Because there just aren’t enough songs about Thomas Edison in the world. Also, this song proves I haven’t listened to enough Chumbawumba.

The playlist is ready for you to listen along, but don’t forget to visit the other bloggers on the tour, and then go and buy a Chumbawumba CD Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard.

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3 Responses to CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes: Merlin’s Blade

  1. So sorry we couldn’t get you a copy of this one, Steve. I know it isn’t space opera, but it is set in England, and a reworking of a British legend. I mean, our one CSFF UK rep should have had a chance to read this book! I should have tried twisting a few publisher/PR hands, I guess.

    I hope it makes it’s way across the sea at some point (Stephen Lawhead’s books seem to reach from there to here, so there may be reason to hope).


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