CSFF Blog Tour – The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R Lawhead


I’m carving some time out of my painfully slow NaNoWriMo progress and incessant Doctor Who blogging to join in the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour this week, because we will be looking at The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R Lawhead.

The Shadow Lamp is the fourth quest in the Bright Empires series, and epic story involving the usual gaggle of unlikely heroes – known as the Zetetic Society – and their nemesis Archaleous Burleigh, jumping through time and space by means of ley lines, in search of the Skin Map, which will finally and completely reveal the secrets of the ley line network. Or so they have been led to believe.

For some context, I have reviewed the previous books in the series: Book One – The Skin Map; Book Two – The Bone House; and Book Three – The Spirit Well. In summary: I’ve enjoyed the series so far, and will say something about this latest volume later in the week.

In the meantime, why not visit the author’s website, or check out what’s occuring on his facebook page (currently, signed bookplates for The Shadow Lamp).


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