Tuesday Tunes: Leyline Top Ten


This week, as you will have noticed, NaNoWriMo progress has somewhat stalled and I’ve watched as much Doctor Who as I can usefully squeeze in to one week, so the only sensible way to spend a quiet Tuesday evening is to read The Shadow lamp by Stephen Lawhead. And while you do, here’s a short musical interlude brought to you from across the multi-faceted universe of space and time: it’s Top Ten Ley Line Songs…

10. Icelandic Dream Station – Ley Line to Ancient Egypt
And the award for ‘Song Title Most Relevant To The Subject Of The Tour’ goes to… be warned, this is on an album called Sleep and Dream, and if you even try to listen to the full ten minutes of this track that’s just what will happen.

9. Gianluca Galli – Ley Line
Isn’t he the monk who shows Mina how to travel on ley lines?

8. The Pocket Gods – Leyline Blues
The thing about leylines is that they conjure up all kinds of weird psychedelic and new agey images. This isn’t either of those things.

7. Denmantau – Sail The Ley Line
In what weird branch of the multiverse is ‘trumpet rock’ even a thing?

6. Griffin – Leylines
It’s Germany, of course. And you thought would make a joke about the rock band with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

5. Sarah Fleck & The Palpitations – Ley Line Maggie
Best band name of the day. She’s the drummer, if you wondered.

4. Melting Euphoria – Leylines From Azimuth
This is what happens if you do too much Icelandic Dream Station. Just say no!

3. Haight Ashbury – Leylines
Haight Ashbury sounds like it should be somewhere in the Cotswolds, on the ley line between Stonehenge and Dragon Hill, not a hippy neighbourhood of San Francisco.

2. Leylines – Alpha Bravo Gnarly
If Britpop went skateboarding along a ley line, it would come out like this. Which is a good thing, if you were wondering.

1. Ocean Colour Scene – On The Leyline, Waiting
Good old Brummy indie rock from Moseley (which is on the ley line running from Cadbury World to the Hurst Lane Post Office).

The playlist is ready for you to listen along, but don’t forget to visit the other bloggers on the tour, while I patiently watch my stats to see just how many people google that last phrase. Oh, and read some Stephen Lawhead, he’s quite good.

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