Monday (Quick) Review: Let’s Go To Golgotha


Just a quickie today, since I should be NaNo-ing and everything (more on that story later).

It being, as you may have noticed, the Easter season, our thoughts inevitably turn to chocolate and time travel.

Because of course, among the many and varied time periods visited by science fiction, Biblical settings are a popular setting for time travel, and obviously one in which Christianity and science fiction regularly meet. The crucifixion of Christ is recognised as such a crucial point in time that it becomes a central meeting point for time travellers in Poul Anderson’s There Will Be Time (incidentally, an intriguing interpretation of time travel in that it doesn’t require a time machine of any sort).

But the story I really wanted to draw attention to today features the crucifixion as the central time location and, indeed, the main point of the whole story. Lets go to Golgotha by Garry Kilworth (available in this collection) is a brilliantly thought-provoking short story for Christians and non-Cristians alike, posing questions about both the paradoxical nature of time travel and the crucifixion of Christ. I won’t say any more about in case it spoils the story, but if you can find a copy, I’d recommend a read, especially this week as we turn our thoughts away from chocolate and towards the cross.

See, told you it would be quick. I should be writing,

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