This week, I have been mostly…

Working on the day job, eating birthday cake, and unleashing my inner computer geek -he’s been quiet since I mothballed my Amiga many years ago, but is now busy plotting things to do with a Raspberry Pi. But that’s another blog post. I have also been…


The typo edit for Countless as the Stars is almost done! Thought I’d found a total blooper, but it turns out I’d just forgotten when one of the characters died. (Spoilers!) Now I just want to get to the end and get the ebook finished. Should probably have words with my cover artist soon then…


Apparently the first session of Camp NaNoWriMo is next month. How the heck did that happen? Well, I’ve tentatively signed up, in the hope of getting the next bit of the Ambivalence Chronicles drafted (not that I’ve polished the last bit yet).

Website building.

Fixed a few broken pages here and there; added a Red Dwarf menu page as that series is getting rather long already.tweak them. Also taking the ‘recommended posts’ away again, because I didn’t like them.

Unfortunately, I seem to be having irreconcilable differences with my shop page; anybody wishing to acquire a copy of Countless as the Stars should email – still at giveaway prices until I fix the shop.

Coming soon…

Well, I’m planning to get back into a regular blogging routine – at least for the rest of this month – and then dive into Camp NaNo. You have been warned.

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